About the author


Cyan Night is a self-professed “martial arts junkie”. Having dabbled in a wide range of martial arts, from Tai Chi and Wushu to Judo, Boxing and Muay Thai since the age of 5, Cyan has been profoundly inspired by the bravery and hardship endured by fighters encountered in the process of training.

Girl Fighter is Cyan Night’s debut novel, drawn largely from the experience of a colourful martial arts career. In addition to being an amateur fighter, Cyan has lead an adventurous life that spans across 7 continents and a travel log that included close to 100 nations. Notable escapades include Antarctica, Central Asia and Trans-Siberian (where Cyan was moved by the lives of nomads), Everest Base Camp, Angel’s Fall and 2 unsuccessful attempts to summit Aconcagua.

While not engaged on a one-on-one battle with a fellow combatant or working hard to avoid being eaten by a bear in Hokkaido, Cyan works in Design, Media, IT, Photography and has interests in music, languages, neuroscience, ancient philosophy, fine art, mountaineering, triathlons and SCUBA.

Cyan currently resides in Australia.

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